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Exclusive Furniture is by far the WORST experience in customer service I have ever dealt with.Once they have your money they no longer care about you or your satisfaction with the product THEY are selling.

We purchased a bedroom set two weeks ago in preparation for family we had coming into town, and the quality of the furniture, particularly the bed, was so horrendous that they were forced to stay at a hotel. After we assembled the bed, we noticed that it was extremely un-sturdy and "wobbly." We then returned to Exclusive Furniture to explain the defect and request that they replace the bed. Both the manager and the sales associate ask me, "well do you have it up against the wall? And a bed of that size is always going to wobble." Ummm...

well if I purchase a "quality" bedroom set, it shouldn't matter where I choose to put it! I should be able to place it in the middle of my kitchen and it not wobble. But since the bed was located near the wall had we kept the bed, sheet rock work would have been required very soon! Two guys arrived the next day, which is the one shining part about our experience, to replace or fix our purchase.

They attempted to assemble the bed several times as we did, until they came to the same conclusion that it was a manufacturers defect. So now we are back in Exclusive Furniture for the third time in four days still willing to spend our money there and give them the benefit of the doubt. We decide to upgrade to a new bedroom set since the design for a king sized bed in the style we purchased is a no go. The manager on duty, Hector, agrees to upgrade us to a different style for an extra $350 after we have already spent $1250 on the first set.

Ok, seems fair. Lets do it and be done with this annoying situation. Wrong... He comes back and asks did we receive our "Free TV" with your first purchase.

We respond yes, being that the first bedroom set came with a "Free 32' TV." He then proceeds to tell us that changes the upgrade price from $350 - $550. Mind you, the set we were attempting to upgrade to also came with a "Free TV." So, my question was then why would a "Free TV" raise the price of our upgrade? The manager somewhat dodges my question with the same statement that the TV would have to raise the price of the upgrade from $350 - $550. Well this to me means that the TV was never a "Free TV" and was rather just built into the price of the set to begin with.

After we give up and say fine you can have the TV back, we were forced to wait for hours for approval from the Sales Manager above him. We were finally able to get in contact with him hours later to which he tells us that he would also have to take one of our nightstands. At this point I am so done with this situation and the absolute *** that this furniture store clearly is more than happy to sell, that we tell the Sales Manager that we will box everything up and bring it back to them if they would refund our cash! Well, Exclusive Furniture's main policy besides screwing anyone who walks through the door, is absolutely no refunds!

It has been a week and a half that we have been calling and calling, and waiting to hear from someone that could potentially help us solve this situation but no such luck.We have been back several times in an attempt to speak with the manager/owner and after nearly an hour on our most recent visit, they tell us he is "away at lunch." I no longer want to upgrade to a different set, I just want my money back so I may spend my money at a store that hopefully cares about the quality of their product and the customers purchasing it.

Worst experience thus far!

Monetary Loss: $1250.


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